Gabriel of Urantia

Songs for Activism

One of Gabriel of Urantia's strongest areas of activism is in the area of music. He continues to inspire people around the world with his own CosmoPop™ and CosmoWorship music as performed in TaliasVan's Bright & Morning Star Band and TaliasVan's 40-voice Bright & Morning Choir & Orchestra. (TaliasVan is Gabriel of Urantia's name as a musician).

He also inspires people all over the world to become a part of Global Change Music by writing and performing beautiful and powerful songs with a message of truth.

Some activist songs by TaliasVan, that you might want to look up on Spotify, are:

  • Wake Up America
  • The Great American Dream
  • The Freedom Song
  • Holy City

In December 2015, the Global Change Music Band VansGuard released the music video of their song "Syria".
It can be viewed at:

This song has touched souls around the planet. VansGuard has received many kudos for this song from people all over the world, many of them Syrians.

Blue Evening Star is a folk musician and song writer who has been coached and supported by Gabriel of Urantia for many years. She writes songs in the "activist folk" genre and her songs are being used in social justice workshops here in the borderlands and elsewhere.

  • "The Privilege Game" is played during social justice workshops given at Windsong Peace & Leadership Center in Patagonia, AZ.
  • "White Girls at the CheckPoint" is played during border justice workshops given in Pima and Santa Cruz Counties.
  • "The Leonard Peltier Song" was played for Chief Kindness, while he rested from the Longest Walk Five at the occupation at Oak Flat, and he is looking for a way to share this song with others in the American Indian Movement.